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Tektonika Staff 27/06/2019 0 Minute Read

3D Printing: The 4th Industrial Revolution (Infographic)

3D printing is poised to transform the way we conceive, design, produce, distribute and consume… almost everything.

Nigel Bowen 21/06/2019 4 Minute Read

Saving the Australian environment: what IT leaders can do

Do your bit for the Australian environment by greening up your IT practices and encouraging your organisation to become sustainable.

Jasmine W. Gordon 20/06/2019 3 Minute Read

Better business sustainability starts with printing innovations

"Going green" was a once a low priority for business, but not anymore. Even something as simple as printing innovations can make a big difference.

Carrie Dagenhard 20/06/2019 4 Minute Read

Sustainable innovations to preserve our planet and your future bus…

Although new studies paint a bleak picture of the future, tech trailblazers around the globe are making impressive strides in sustainable innovations.

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Joe Hewitson 24/05/2019 4 Minute Read

Predicting tech trends: What’s in store for 2019 and beyond?

What tech trends will you look back on a year from now with complete amazement? Here's a look at what the future may hold.

Nigel Bowen 24/05/2019 4 Minute Read

How IT broke free of the break-fix paradigm

IT staff have moved on from "break-fix" work (i.e., fixing hardware or software that's "broken") to higher-value, more strategic and collaborative tasks.

Anthony Caruana 24/05/2019 4 Minute Read

Modernise your print environment with managed print services

Instead of a handful of isolated devices, today's print fleets have to be connected, secure, and efficient. Here's how managed print services can help.