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Rose de Fremery 10/04/2018 5 Minute Read

Is digital maturity the sophisticated way to run your business?

Is the concept of digital maturity a better way to think about how businesses can adapt to today's digitally enhanced landscape? Find out here.

Lydia Dishman 11/01/2018 4 Minute Read

The generation Z workforce has big expectations for tech

The generation Z workforce has huge expectations for how tech should work and how they want to be communicated with. Here's what you should prioritise.

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Nigel Bowen 22/11/2017 5 Minute Read

Female tech entrepreneurs are taking over the IT space

Female tech entrepreneurs are making it big in the tech world. Learn how you can empower women in the workplace for a brighter, more inclusive future.

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Nigel Bowen 22/08/2017 3 Minute Read

Wollongong takes the lead with LoRaWAN

In Australia, Wollongong has taken the lead with LoRaWAN, a free citywide IoT network that doesn't require 3G or Wi-Fi.

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Tektonika Staff 03/08/2017 4 Minute Read

5 ways you’ll see cybersecurity change in 2017

With the hacking of elections, a shake-up is looming: What you think you know about cybersecurity is about to radically change.

Joe Hewitson 18/07/2017 3 Minute Read

How the psychology of colour in real estate can boost your bottom line

The psychology of colour in real estate might be analysed to death to determine the success factors, but in reality, colour choice is a personal one.

Carrie Dagenhard 06/07/2017 3 Minute Read

Making or breaking work-life balance with tech: Choose wisely

To say work-life balance is a very important job characteristic for millennials is a huge understatement. Tech can hurt, or it can help. Choose wisely.