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Timothy Whitfield

Timothy Whitfield

Timothy Whitfield has been working with Ad Operations since 1999. He personally built the first version of a leading Third Party Ad-Server at a time when serving 30 KB GIF creative was considered to be 'leading edge' technology. He then moved to Stockholm where he continued to work on a Conversation Attribution and viewability methodology and help sell Ad Operations software in Europe. He returned to Sydney to start as the Director of Operations at Xaxis whereby he came out with the phrase "Ad Ops is Dead. Long live Ad Ops" and pushed for Ad Ops to move into Programmatic Campaign Optimisation. Timothy holds an engineering degree in optoelectronics from Macquarie University. He is a former developer with 15+ combined years of experience in the media and technology arenas. He's a valued speaker on programmatic events and can often be seen hosting a Programmatic 101 lecture at various events.

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