4 ways cost-effective printing is proving its worth

27/12/20173 Minute Read

What does significant cost savings plus boosted security and efficiency mean for today’s IT decision-makers (ITDMs)? Respect from the business decision-maker (BDM), for one. Cost and efficiency are where ITDMs and BDMs meet, and it’s not always easy to get to that spot. A solution that appeals to the financial sensibilities of the BDM can help ITDMs reinforce their control of technology, reevaluate their understanding of what the business needs from its tech, and prove they’re ideal for calling the shots on office tech decisions.

Cost-effective printing is a goal we can all get behind, and one of the best parts of modern tech for businesses is the cost savings that can go hand in hand with upgrades. Modern multifunction printers are changing the way your office uses paper, and the boosted efficiency and smart tech can make a big difference when it comes to maximising IT budgets. Here are just a few ways printing innovation can help minimise IT overspending.

1. Update default printer settings

Did you know you could change the default settings on your printer to be more ecological? These should include options to print double-sided in black-and-white ink and on low-to-medium DPI settings. If a user wants to print on single-sided paper, they’ll need to manually adjust the settings before each print, which could seriously reduce your paper costs. This is an easy way to set your users up to be more eco-conscious and maximise your use of paper at the same time.

2. Maximise security settings

Everyone in IT knows that users will probably never hold security as a top priority when it comes to using technology—especially over convenience or reliability. But what’s more expensive than getting back to uptime after a massive endpoint data breach? Upgrading to modern printers, like HP’s Enterprise printing line, which gives your business access to world class print security.

With machines that can detect and prevent attacks in real time, all on their own, you won’t need to overspend on excess endpoint security measures—or recovery from a devastating security breach. Explain to the BDM that you’ve got a machine that can protect and self-heal from attacks automatically, and they’ll understand just how sweet cost-effective printing can be.

3. See PageWide affordable colour in action

HP’s new A3 and PageWide printers allow for printing much closer to the edge of the paper. In fact, you can now print up to 4mm from the edge—which is way more page real estate to print on. There’s a direct correlation between the percentage of real estate that a printer can utilise and the number of words or images that can be printed on a single page.

Maximising the use of each page not only makes printing more efficient, it can cut down the amount of page space wasted. Affordable colour means your team will be more resource-conscious, use less energy, and spend less all at once.

4. Prioritise uptime

None of us have the time or patience for downtime. Thankfully, modern printing machines are designed with fewer parts to allow for less maintenance. This means you can count on the technology to work when you need it most—and for longer.

The predictabilty of managed print services could also help you control costs while still delivering the results your users are looking for in their day-to-day work. With MPS, you can enhance everything from your processes and workflows to overall productivity through automation. This will allow you to upgrade your tech, prevent overspending, and make your work life a lot easier.

Modern printing technology, like HP’s A3 and PageWide printing technology, has reset the standard for cost-effective printing. Today, printing quality is better, the cost is lower, and that same cost stays lower through smarter technology designed with efficiency in mind. Now, you and the BDM can be friends for real.

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