Printer innovation can make your team more productive

04/07/20174 Minute Read

Good intentions are just a small part of the battle to innovate. Without support, accountability, and the right tools, motivation to follow through with change can quickly fade. But the benefits are revolutionary: Printer innovation, for instance, can provide a powerful boost to the productivity, engagement, and performance of your workforce.

The science of motivation

According to Gallup, 76 percent of Australian workers were not engaged in their jobs. And Australia’s actively disengaged employees are costing the nation approximately $54.8 billion a year. Cultivating workplace satisfaction is not just about “doing the right thing”—it’s about creating an environment where every employee is set up for success with the right tools.

Here are three examples of printer innovation and other devices that can unlock the performance potential of your team.

1. Sprocket

HP Sprocket Photo Printers are a great way for employees to decorate their work spaces. According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, a trio of psychological scientists found that personalising work spaces, especially in open office environments, gives employees a sense of control and ownership over their space and reinforces work ethic. A generic, boring work space hardly inspires motivation, whereas decorating a work space with personal touches makes it brighter, more inviting and enjoyable to spend time in. Further, personalising a work space can purvey a sense of peace and calm, which helps employees keep performance-sapping stress at bay.

The HP Sprocket makes it easy for team members to print photos and stickers directly from smartphones or tablets. Not only will their work space feel more like home, but photos can also help employees get to know each other better by providing a glimpse into their life outside work. For example, a coworker may see a photo of a family dinner, an image of a trip to Thailand, or a picture of a canoe. This could prompt a meaningful conversation beyond the normal small talk, opening the door to a new relationship. Friendships at work cultivate trust and teamwork.

2. PageWide

Investing in printer innovation, like the HP PageWide printers with their low-cost color capabilities, can also make collaboration more effective at the office. Research from Nielsen and Frost & Sullivan found that collaboration drives good ideas and company performance—when people can easily work together, they can feed and build off each others’ thoughts, coming up with ideas that couldn’t have emerged without the buzz of collective energy.

However, let’s not forget the unexpected downside of collaboration: Too much time spent running from meeting to meeting or wasting time in the company chatroom can send your team’s productivity swirling down the drain. Not to mention, it’s difficult in the digital age to truly collaborate when everyone’s attention is focused on their own, personal screens. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re choosing tools that enable productive collaboration—not causing unnecessary distraction.

Take HP’s PageWide printers, for example. PageWide technology allows workers to see their projects in full color at an affordable price. And for the large-format versions of the PageWide printers, employees can make their projects larger than life—everybody can literally be on the same page. That’s far superior to having team members huddled over one screen or looking at the same presentation on their individual computers. A large, high-quality, visually pleasing, tactile representation of the project at hand gets employees looking up from their devices and engaging with each other. It can also yield insight into details or nuances that may not have been discernible on a screen.

3. Jet Fusion

3D printing is finally available for mainstream use, thanks to decreased costs and increased accessibility of the technology. There are a number of ways organisations can use these innovative printing products to ramp up the creativity and performance of their teams. The opportunities are endless—people are 3D printing houses, works of art, and body parts. 3D printing enables employees to take an idea from concept to prototype in a short period of time. This allows them to validate ideas and identify areas of improvement faster, speeding up the cycle of innovation.

In the workplace, a product like the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution provides speed and control while maximising productivity, so teams can quickly and easily bring their ideas to life. A faster pace of innovation will not only provide businesses with a competitive edge, but also boost the satisfaction—and retention—of employees. During the course of their research, Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile and psychologist Steven Kramer found that employees’ happiest and most productive days are marked by a sense of progress. People feel inspired and excited when they get things done, and 3D printing accelerates the rate of progress.

Printers can provide so much more than the capacity to print out a document. Whether it’s sticking photos in your work space, delivering a beautiful presentation, or turning a vision into a reality, printing products can help organisations cultivate the culture they crave. It’s time you put a focus on how technology and printing innovation can help everyone at your office do their best work.

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